Japanese Mr. Bean?

Japanese Mr.Bean

One of the greatest comedian in the world is Rowan Atkinson who is known as “Mr. Bean”.

I also love his films. Especially, Johnny English series are my favourites.

As you know, Rowan Atkinson is a British comedian. That means, he speaks English.

However, you can enjoy his comedy even if you aren’t able to understand English well because the situation or his action looks funny.

Rowan reminds us a Japanese comedian. I guess most of us would have imagined him if we watch his films.

The most famous comedian in Japan, Ken Shimura

Have you heard of his name? It seems like Takeshi Kitano would be well known in the world compared to him.

Ken Shimura is an old comedian, I suppose there are no Japanese who haven’t watched his comedy.

He is already close to 70 years old, although he continues to perform comedy even now.

Why is he “Japanese Mr. Bean”?

He also has a famous character

Rowan has a famous character like “Mr. Bean” for example. Ken Shimura is known as his character Bakatono (The idiot feudal lord). Well, I don’t like it very much to be honest, please search for the videos by yourself if you are interested in. (By the way, the shadow shape of the featured image in this post is Bakatono.)

The situation is important.

I’d rather like to recommend videos like the following.

This Samurai comedy is simple. A girl asked a Samurai to help herself, and he did it. A cool Samurai story is drawn in the first part. (till 01m25s) Next, 3 parodies are played by Ken Shimura.

In Japan, such comedy is slightly uncommon nowadays. Manzai (something like stand-up comedy by 2 persons) and so on is rather common.

I guess it would be pretty tough to make funny stuff compared to Ken Shimura’s comedy, that’s the reason why such a style is uncommon now.

They don’t need any words to make people smile

If you search for “Mr. Bean” in google images you can see funny photos. Please search for “バカ殿” in google images as well. You would probably smile too.

Please remember

I’m not going to compare if which one is better. (I rather prefer Rowan Atkinson.)

I guess Ken Shimura isn’t known in the world but I would say he is the most famous comedian in Japan, and he is iconic as a comedian in Japan. It would be close to the impression towards Rowan in the UK.

Ok, that’s all today. See you!