Do you have a morning assembly at your workplace?


It’s common to have a morning assembly at workplace in Japan every day.

I searched for “morning assembly” on google images, and found only at school. Furthermore, it seems like it’s common only in Asia. I wonder if it’s uncommon the other countries.

Today, I’d like to show you a typical our morning assembly which is called 朝礼(cho-rei).

“Morning” assembly?

First of all, I said “morning assemble” but it’s not always held in the morning, I mean, I couldn’t find out the best translation in English.

We have it before we start to work at that day, even if you start to work at evening you have to gather once.

Isn’t it the same as “morning briefing”?

Erm… It wouldn’t be exactly the same as “morning briefing” in my opinion.

It’s something like the morning briefing AND something else the company needs.

The 2 most typical things our companies need would be Radio exercise and reciting quotes or something like quotes.

An example of our morning assembly

At my former workplace, the boss explained what we do at that day, and then, we did Radio exercise.

At last, we had to recite 人生五訓(The quotes about the 5 important things for life).

We shout it as the following every morning.

The boss: Don’t panic!

All: Don’t panic!

The boss: Don’t be mad!

All: Don’t be mad!

The boss: Don’t be proud!

All: Don’t be proud!

The boss: Don’t be depressed!

All: Don’t be depressed!

The boss: Don’t be lazy!

All: Don’t be lazy!

The boss: Right, work so hard, guys!

All: Got it!

What do you think about this? It looks like an army to me. No wonder if someone shout “Yes, sir!!” someday.

It’s harsh to remember what we recite sometimes

It’s still better if we have to recite something like 人生五訓.

Some company let their employees to recite their policy. It’s way longer than quotes in most cases.

Let me show you an example.

We promise,
To produce products which everyone trust the quality.
To get knowledge and to improve our skill.
To try to make improving everything, anytime, anywhere.
To be sincere towards everything, always.

This is the policy of a company which exists in real in Japan. I just picked it up because it looks like a common policy which has general length.

I don’t know if the employees in the company recite it, but I am sure a lot of companies let their employees to recite a longer policy.

So… for what?

I. Don’t. Know!

I’d rather like to ask the president who let the employees to recite their policy.